Video Remixing: Group Activity

Our group defined remix as:

taking existing material and re-arranging or adding in your own original material to create something new. Remixes can also be compilations of existing multiple materials layered upon each other to create a new video or message.

*Often times remixes tell a new narrative or story. However, this isn’t always the case.*

Overall, good remixes DO tell a story. They also flow smoothly, settings, characters, lighting, and sounds all match up between the original material and what’s being made into the new material.

Remixes come in many forms such as music, movies, tv shows, short youtube video clips etc.

Remix Video Examples:

1. Fifty shades of Wayne:

This remix is a mashup between fifty shades of grey and batman. This is a particularly good mashup because the video flows smoothly from one clip to the next, the appearance of batman is that he is actually the man from fifty shades of grey. The dialogue matches up perfectly so that the conversations that go on between the characters makes sense.

2. Sex and the Remix

This remix alters the perception of Sex and the Citys main character, Carrie. She is supposed to be a “man hungry” woman and is sex columnist writer. The video alters her sexuality and makes her seem as though she’s a lesbian altering the story line of the show.

3. Taylor Swift & Goat (this one’s just for fun):

Just because this is really funny.




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