Final blog post

I have grown and developed exponentially in regards to critical thinking about new media. We discussed theories, approaches and scholars that I had never heard of. I think that have gained a deeper understanding of how new media works and its inner-working’s in relation to today’s society, culture, education and so much more. I have also learned that there is a lot of time and dedication that goes into understanding new media and the implications it has on today’s generation as well as previous generations.  I think one of my posts that really brought out my understanding and knowledge gained from the class was my post following the article on Youtube by Burgess and Green. I found myself looking at youtube, which isn’t considered a “social network” technically, in a new light. I started to question what Youtube really was for and was it a social network even though it’s creators don’t consider it to be so?

Being able to express your opinion and ideas as well as discuss them with other people if a MAJOR PART of social media today I believe; and Youtube DOES have this.

This quote is from my post about the article and it stands out to me particularly because I found myself taking ideas from an article and thinking about what that means to me and how I see this topic in relation to my life. In my opinion, Youtube very much is a social network and I think that throughout the post on this article I back up my opinion very well with evidence.

Another blog post I think that  really opened my eyes and thinking in regards to new media is the Spreadable Media post done on Henry Jenkins article. Although the article was rather long it made very valid points that have stuck with me and that I’ve used consistently throughout the rest of the semester in class.

  • participatory culture
  • systems of appraisal

These important ideas among others were discussed in detail during Jenkins article and in my post I chose to focus on his conversation about the hybrid audiences of youtube and how people use it for a variety of reasons and the use of Youtube in today’s classrooms.

Jenkins is trying to make education professionals aware that incorporating new media in today’s classrooms is important.

This is a short quote from my blog response in relation to his entire article. I think that this is something that not only Jenkins thinks is important but many technology savvy people believe is important. Being able to incorporate today’s technologies into the classrooms when you can and it’s appropriate is something that teacher’s need to be able to do.


One thought on “Final blog post

  1. wheelera982 says:

    I agree with the idea you brought back by Jenkins – that integrating new media into the classroom is important. Not only is it applicable, but students are using this new technology and media – so I believe that if teachers incorporate it into the classroom, students will be able to apply their knowledge with ease because they are more adept at using the technology.


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