RIP: A Remix Manifesto

This was a really interesting and eye opening movie for me. I knew that there were strict laws for Copyright and artists and their work but I didn’t realize how detailed and to be honest, kind of ridiculous some of these laws were. Although many people ignore them and a lot of what’s supposed to be happening from these laws don’t always come to life, it’s still a little crazy how strict they are if you actually break them down and look at them closely, much like how they demonstrate in various parts of the movie.

Throughout the movie many different topics centered around remixing and the laws that it “breaks” are touched on, however, I really liked the ending to the movie and how the producer talks about “Brazil being our future in the digital age.”

Brazil’s laws are different from the United States and other countries;  it seemed in the movie as though they allowed others to sample from and borrow ideas from artists in order to better enhance their country and communities. The movie also discusses how Brazil is using this as tool to help the poorer areas of the country rise up, keep children out of gangs and in schools, as well as other things as well. I think this is an amazing message that other countries, especially ours, can learn and take away from.

The lighting, angles, and different shots in the movie that are done in Brazil, are brightly lit, close up to peoples faces or bodies so the viewer can see their expressions and body language (which give off positive vibes.) It would appear to be to that due to these differences in their society people are happier and more able to benefit from the creativity that is allowed of them.

All the money that’s being earned from these lawsuits of copyright infringement aren’t even going to the artists that are “being protected” the money is going to the corporations (who probably have more then enough money already.) Instead if something like remixing, or sampling music could keep kids off the streets, help them stay in school, or take their minds off other pressing matters in their lives wouldn’t that be worth more. Brazil definitely has the right mindset when it comes to remixing in my mind, our country as well as others could learn from and grow from them.


One thought on “RIP: A Remix Manifesto

  1. heatherdaigneault says:

    I really liked how you mentioned Brazil in your blog post. It is interesting how strict our laws are on copywritting compared to Brazil’s. I defiantly agree that our laws a little absurd. Especially when it comes to downloading music offline. I do not think that, that should be considered “illegal” and potentially ruining someones life if they get caught.


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