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The main focus of our topic is selfies, and how since the invention of front facing cameras and the explosion of social media, they have become a culture of their own, in a sense.  Selfies are taken by everyone in our society nowadays and even if people don’t take them almost everyone knows how to.  It complicates new media is a variety of ways, it affects the way people view themselves, each other, and allows people to put on personas that may not be necessarily true to form of who they really are or what they look like. While selfies allow people to enhance their looks and possibly “boost” their feelings about themselves, usually it takes much effort to get such results.

Theoretical Approaches that seem to fit well with this topic would be audience, reception, marketing can also be effected (celebs. who take pics of themselves with brands and such) and selfies as I mentioned almost have their own sub culture of participatory culture. Taking, posting, and sending selfies is an interaction of sorts between many people. *Think about it: the reason so many people take and post selfies is others can see them and like their photo.* There are apps for phones that really are based off selfies (enter Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) all revolving mostly around people taking pictures of themselves and what they do with their lives.

I think that although everyone knows what a selfie is and many have taken them, not many people understand the lengths some go through to get a “perfect” selfie or how celebrities taking photos with brands, at restaurants, in clothing etc. can dramatically effect a company nowadays, and I’m not sure if that’s necessarily a good thing. Selfies have become so common in new media and social media and I think it’s interesting as to why? and for what reasons?


2 thoughts on “In class blog post

  1. melannie316 says:

    I think the depths you guys plan to go into is extremely interesting. It takes a deeper look it why selfies have become such a huge phenomena. You could also include with your marketing approach to this how celebrity selfies have an influence on what we think about when we take our selfies! Looking forward to your presentation.


  2. korszunm says:

    I like your topic. It’s pretty unique in itself. Selfies are becoming more and more common in our generation. People fail to see how selfies can impact the three areas you’ve selected, especially marketing. The last part of your past about a perfect selfie is what I find most intriguing. Celebrities need to go to great lengths to take quality photos, but so do others. Great topic. I look forward to your presentation.


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