Everything is a remix

I really enjoyed watching these videos, I never knew how much in our pop culture society was “unoriginal.” I feel like that statement seems harsh, but after watching those video clips and listening to them, that’s the sense that came over me. Granted, I know most of the movies and music we see and listen to today is based off previous artists, movies, or even books. I don’t think I realized how closely related the past and present of these particular industries were related though.

Because this seems to be the case it would almost appear to me as though most producers and directors today are actually the audience of previously done work. Does this mean that there are no truly “original” artists left? While I’m sure this is not true because there are many creative people in the world it appears as though even some of the movies that seem to be completely “original” (such as Avatar) seem to have bits and pieces that embody scenes from other movies.

everythings a remix

After watching the clips, naturally, I was curious as to what others thought about this topic of whether or not everything we see and hear today is a remix of something from an earlier time. I found a blog, TED Blog, and this was the opening line in regards to art:

“Art cannot be created or destroyed-only remixed.”

I don’y necessarily agree with this quote, or with Kirby Ferguson’s views on the originality of today’s movie and music industry for that matter. While I do think people create many remakes and “based on the book” movies, there still is originality in today’s work in these industries. You just need to look a little deeper to find it.


2 thoughts on “Everything is a remix

  1. brownm398 says:

    First of all, let me say I am glad I’m not the only one who felt betrayed by the unoriginality of today’s media. It feels like everything has been a lie up until this point. I also really liked the blog link you included with your post. It gave an insightful look on originality of today. The quote you put was also very interesting as well. Obviously it was taken from the conservation of energy law, which states that Energy can be neither created nor be destroyed, but it can change form. To me, it creates the idea that art is just a form of energy that just evolves over the generation. It would be an interesting and thought provoking concept to look in to.


  2. melannie316 says:

    I love your article and I like the quote that you chose to relate the videos to. Its very true that movies today get recreated from older movies, cartoons, and books. But what I know is constantly changing is technology and with that in a way everything that produced in some way is its own work of art!


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