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1. Jenna Marbles: for those of you who don’t know who Jenna Marbles is, she’s pretty hilarious and I loved watching her Youtube videos my junior and senior year of high school, while her videos may seem pointless, I could always count on them for a good laugh and somehow found they them relatable to my life in some way, shape, or form. She was just a normal person who started posting videos to Youtube in 2010 and then she became very well known. So naturally I wanted to post one of her videos as one of my favorites on Youtube.

I know what you all are thinking, this isn’t a funny video at all. Well for starters a lot of her videos probably aren’t the most appropriate to put on my class blog, but trust me if you watch some of them they’ll have you crying. I really liked this video because, well, I had never seen it and also I had never seen Jenna Marbles “be herself” and “serious” you could say. I’d only ever seen the character she portrays in all her videos she uploads. I honestly really loved this video because it made me realize that some people do this “you tubing” stuff for many more reasons then to just get followers (as she explains what her Youtube success as done for her in this video). I also love how appreciative she is of all her fans and recognizes that she wouldn’t be where she was today without them, I think that’s pretty awesome. She also let’s people know it’s OKAY to not know what you’re doing in life, and to not have a plan. Everything will all fall into place when it’s meant to happen. So all this is a more serious side to Jenna Marbles, I still think she is hilarious yet this video shows her more down to earth side.

2. DIY: Usually when I go to Youtube for DIY it has something to do with home decorations, I’m not quite sure why, but that’s just generally what I like to do if I’m gonna get crafty. The video I found was DIY pillows (by SorryGirls), I love pillows, again not sure why but I have pillows for every season for my room and couches etc. I think they’re a really fun way to brighten up a space. So here it is:

First off the pillows these girls make are ADORABLE! I love them and they’re so much cheaper to make then to go buy at a HomeGoods store. The video was really detailed, they told exactly what size pillows they used, how much fabric and went slow. They did each step and explained them throughly yet not so much info that you lose track of what they were saying. I also loved how they tell you what stores you can find all the material in and where in the store the material will be , SO HELPFUL. They also had a ton of other really cute DIY projects on their page I was looking through, I also really liked this video because unlike a lot of DIY videos, it wasn’t super long, so I didn’t get bored or stop paying attention. The girls also are pretty enthusiastic and seem to really enjoy doing DIY home decor so that always helps!

3. Problematic Video: Flirting tips from Cosmo. Although I read read cosmo regularly, because, well, I’m a girly girl for the most part, I’ve always found they’re datings “tips” and “how to make a guy fall for you” articles ridiculous and usually I get a good laugh from them. I like this video because it shows the comedic, yet the realistic outcomes of what happens when women try these “tips and tricks”. The articles talk about women doing “simple, easy, and natural” flirty things that make them more “appealing and sexy” when in reality, we usually end up looking awkward and uncomfortable, very rarely do we look “effortless”. This video is pretty funny and brings to life the reality of what can happen when you actually try the flirting moves suggested by Cosmo’s writers. 

Like I mentioned above although the video is very funny and the girls participating in the video are having a good time videoing it, some women do rely on this tips to help them and when the results don’t go as planned they can be very discouraged and upset. I think this video is a great way to show the realities of dating and flirting with the opposite sex, you have to prepared for anything to happen and kinda just go with it. Everything won’t be planned out like the magazine says.


One thought on “Youtube Videos

  1. brownm398 says:

    Samantha, I love that you included the cosmo flirting tips video in your post. I’ve seen it before and it’s still really funny. It adds to new media studies because it also goes along with Rheingold’s Crap Detection concepts. This video proves that everything you read, on the internet, or in this case, in a magazine isn’t always true. In your video, these women prove that you shouldn’t always take the advice that a cosmo magazine has to offer. People need to realize that a lot of people are either misinformed or are just lying on the internet, and YouTube is a good way to find the truth some times. For example, the channel, Threadbanger, is useful for discovering if that fun DIY project you found on pintrest is actually true, or just a photoshopped picture. So, YouTube can be a useful tool when it comes to Crap Detection because you can actually see if something is true or not.


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