Youtube’s Social Network


After reading this article I learned a lot about Youtube’s inner workings that I was blatantly unaware of, as well as many of the restrictions that were once a part of Youtube’s design or still are a part of the design today. I use youtube occasionally, when I want to look up a DIY project, music sometimes, and other random things, I never really thought of it as a “social network” website, and throughout the article they mention how youtube doesn’t have many of the “normal features” that social networks usually contain.

“YoUtube does not overtly invite community group-building, collaboration, or purposeful group work. there are no overt invitations to collaborate with other users, or to remix or quote each other’s videos.”

However, when you browse videos and such on Youtube you do see famous “Youtubers” working together in clips sometimes, or amateurs perhaps remixing a song, or a famously funny youtube clip. They also will give credit to other video creators if they use points from one of their videos or expand on something that’s in another video. So, in a way, Youtube is very much a social network.  Although the website isn’t explicitly made for this reason, collaboration, “shout-outs”, interaction between “youtubers” and interactions between “youtubers” and their followers happen, and group work does happen on Youtube and I would say that’s inevitable in today’s society where people work together happen all the time. If anything it’s a sign that Youtube is moving into the modern age of technology, new media, social media, whatever you want to call it and in fact becoming more of  the social network that it’s users know it can be, even though the creators and providers of the actual company may not see this potential or want this change to happen to their website.

Here are some videos of that go against Youtube not being a “social network”

This video is a collaboration of a “famous youtuber” and his followers creating a video together:

Project Love Collaboration

This video is a youtuber shouting out people who donated to his project:

Project Thirst Shout-Outs

So although these youtubers aren’t necessarily collaborating with each other in creating a video or giving them ideas for a video, they are connecting and interacting with their followers, which makes the website, Youtube, an interactive site in more ways then one. Not only can videos be used to make “shout-outs” and interact with people; users today on youtube can comment and reply to comments on youtube about what they think of a video. Being able to express your opinion and ideas as well as discuss them with other people if a MAJOR PART of social media today I believe; and Youtube DOES have this.  You can see as the idea of social media becomes more about interacting and connecting with peers, avid youtuber’s and such are finding ways to do so even through the limitations they may still have on the website itself. 



3 thoughts on “Youtube’s Social Network

  1. codyhusek says:

    Although its of a different breed, YouTube is as big a social media platform as Twitter, if not bigger. While its not overtly invited, the collaboration that exists is what drives todays generation of you tubers.


  2. alexx says:

    You definitely helped me understand the article a lot better. I thought I understood it very well but you helped me understand it further. I agree that YouTube is a social network. When i use YouTube now i’ll see it in a different perspective.


  3. riverae386 says:

    I like how you explained the Collaborative part of the reading. I was hoping someone explained it so I can understand it better. I get now why they say YouTube isn’t really collaborative but yet some can argue that it is. I like your explanation and reasoning. By the way good job on making this blog post more attractive.


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