Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality

NEt Neutrality: Internet providers treating internet traffic equally

Based on the reading, I would have to agree with Obama’s stand on net neutrality and the importance of not allowing companies to “run” the internet.

The internet today is based around “openess, fairness, and freedom” according to Obama and I agree when he says it’s important it stays this way. There shouldn’t be anyone who determines what sites you can and cannot go to, there also shouldn’t be anyone to keep you from going to websites that you enjoy being on (within the legal restrictions). This is a really important point.  I believe that the “consumers” or viewers of a website are just as, if not more, important then the companies creating the websites. People on the internet should be able to decide what websites they want to use, not the companies. Having an open internet is an essential part to the American economy today; this is mostly because everyone is using the internet.  Net neutrality is something that we should be all informed and aware of.

Personally, I love being able to have the ability to go on whatever website I want to go on without really having to think about it. I think it’s something that people who use the internet, whether it’s a computer or smartphone, don’t really think about. Imagine NOT being able to go on certain websites you enjoy because a company doesn’t like them, or they aren’t a well known website so they get shut down (if that’s what you call a website no longer existing). A lot of websites, blogs, and other online entertainment we so enjoy would possibly not exist. The idea of net neutrality and the importance it plays in U.S citizens lives is something that we all should read up on and understand, prior to reading this I didn’t know much about it and now after reading it I’m glad I did. If you were really interested in this or want to read more into the topic here are some other websites with more info!

New York Times


(the second link is very much in favor of net neutrality and you can tell just by the homepage. I still thought it was a pretty good website though!)


2 thoughts on “Net Neutrality

  1. korszunm says:

    First, I really like your binary code image at the top. Pretty cool. Second, I definitely agree with your view on this. People need to be more informed so that they can understand the risk of losing freedom. Sites do get shut down for a variety of reasons; you are absolutely correct with that. I liked the links you provided. It’s good to be in favor of net neutrality because it puts no limit on your usage. Great job and nice aesthetic view of the post.


  2. melannie316 says:

    Sam, I completely agree with your article. If net neutrality was not an option it would give companies/corporations with a lot of revenue the unfair advantage because they would be able to pay the fines set by the internet companies. While at the same time companies that are smaller and do not make as much revenue are at a unfair disadvantage because they may not be able to pay those fines.


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