Spreadable Media by Henry Jenkins

After reading Henry Jenkins article, I found myself going back to the section where he talked about Youtube and the importance and diverse use of it in our society today.  I found a lot of what Jenkins was talking about to be really interesting and some of it I hadn’t heard of before so it made me stop and think, terms such as  “digi-gratis” and “entrepreneurial vloggers”  are just a couple of the terms that come to mind.  I also never realized how diverse a culture there was on Youtube, it was pretty amazing when I actually thought about it. However, being an education major, naturally I was drawn to paragraph when Jenkins talks about how Youtube and other media is/should be used in the classroom today.

The Hybrid Audiences of Youtube:

This section of the article talks about the role of Youtube in todays’s social media culture, and there are a diverse group of users and viewers logging and watching/creating videos every hour. I use youtube relatively often, to check out a really popular video and sometimes for DIY projects for around my house, but since I’ve been in school I’ve learned about the use of media in the classroom and Youtube has been in classrooms even when I was in middle school and high school. I think in today’s society especially, it’s important to find ways for teachers to incorporate technology into the classroom and learning environment because it is such a dominant presence in our culture today.  I believe that Jenkins in the paragraph, is trying to make education professionals aware of the fact that including new media is important to do in the classrooms today, and I completely agree with him. Children learn better and absorb information when they see it on a multitude of platforms and especially on platforms they find interesting and can navigate and use themselves.

“The role of students changes when they’re encouraged to bring new texts into the media studies of the classroom from the vast archives on content available online.”

I think that this quote is saying that students have the opportunity to do more and be more active and engaged in the classroom if they have some kind of control over what they’re learning or on what kind of platform they’re learning from. I think that children are definitely more involved and interested in their schoolwork when they’re active participants in the learning and teaching process. Allowing them to have some control in the classroom let’s them own their strengths and get support from the teacher on skills they’re still working on. Collaborative learning is a term that Jenkins mentions and that’s what the sentences after the term are really getting at; the teacher and students working together to create an interactive and positive learning environment through new technologies that are ever present in the lives of students today. This idea of incorporating new technology and media into the classroom today is already a hot topic that educators are talking about and as it becomes more prevalent in our culture and student’s lives it’s a subject matter that can no longer be ignored by school districts and school boards.  Finding ways to bring technology into the classroom, as well as helping children figure out what information on websites and different media platforms is reliable and unreliable is something that will in taught to students in the 21st century of literacy. Literacy no longer is going to be solely reading and writing it’s going to start incorporating digital technology, new media platforms and other technology that comes along the way. This is what I believe Jenkins is hinting towards in his paragraph about Youtube and use of other media in the classrooms.


3 thoughts on “Spreadable Media by Henry Jenkins

  1. rainforestshmainforest says:

    I really appreciate the enthusiasm you have in your writing! You show obvious interest in the article and your formatting with quotes and language is on point! You makes your points very clear and enjoyable to read. I agree with your point of how technology being integrated into the classroom in this century and your analyzation of the quote went beyond what was expected in this assignment. Keep up the good work!


  2. austinjennifer says:

    You make some really important points about how integrating technology into the classroom, Sam, and thanks for being so clear about the terms that you find interesting and how they apply to education! Also, nice application of the blog format/settings to set your quote apart. Great!


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